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12 Top Yachts from the Monaco Yacht Show

19 Oct 2016


by Michael Verdon

19 October, 2016

One of the most compelling small-boat launches at Monaco was the Apex 60, a joint project of Italian naval architects and German designers. Apex calls the 60 a “tender,” but that’s probably not an apt description for this new yacht.

It certainly looks good on the deck of any mothership, but the sun loungers on the aft and foredecks, the high-tech helm area beneath the large, curved hardtop, and the full cabin, make it far more than transportation for owners and guests.

The 60 is a boat that could explore all day in places where its mothership simply can’t go. Triple Volvo IPS powerplants give the 60 an impressive top end of 40 knots, and look in sync with the slender shape of the bow. Beyond better fuel efficiency, the Volvo system reduces vibration across the boat, making day cruising or overnighting a more pleasant experience.

Apex also paid attention to small details that make life onboard more comfortable, including an electric gangway, a plug-in shower for the swim platform, and a multi-function kitchenette on the exterior. The touchscreen helm also has solar/battery backup power in case the engines go out. Apex can customize the 60 for owners who want a specific interior layout but the standard version at Monaco seemed highly functional.

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