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Our story begins with the simple realisation developed over the years that no matter the boat, there are always areas that can be improved.

At Apex Yachts we have decades of experience both as boat builders and boat owners. During this time, we have had the pleasure of cruising around on a multitude of different boats – fast and sedate, simple and luxurious, traditional and cutting-edge.

Although we have loved them all for their individual virtues and for the freedom they provide, we have never found ourselves sitting in the ‘perfect boat’.

Whilst our ambitions are high, our immediate goal is to build a boat that improves on others in this sector - with higher performance, greater comfort, more practicality and a touch of elegance and luxury not normally found on small boats.

We assembled a team including first class naval architects, designers, boat builders and a technologically advanced and extremely professional shipyard to realise our vision.

We hope that by combining the best features of boats we have experienced in the past, along with our collective understanding as dedicated customers, designers and builders, we can create a superior product.

Our first boat, Apex 60, represents our initial step along this journey - to build a day tender that offers the perfect combination of engineering and design. A day boat created for those seeking thrills and spills or a day or effortless relaxation. For the adventure of discovering a secluded beach or entertaining friends over sunset drinks.

Whatever your pleasure, we hope you will find it riding one of our boats.


At our core, we believe in excellence.

We believe that stylish design combined with leading technology and first class materials, applied by exceptional craftsmen with an outstanding work ethic, will yield the greatest chance of creating the ultimate boating experience.

Our shipyard is in Sardinia, but we are international in our outlook. Our naval architects are Italian, designers and technology German, and we continually search the world for the finest materials for each component, whether the luxurious leather upholstery, innovative paints and coatings or advanced electronics.

We are uncompromising in our approach to comfort and performance.

We believe that a true luxury experience considers all aspects of your time spent on board as well as of course how the boat sits in the water.

We envision a future where each boat is custom-built, following specific detailed requirements, delivering that ‘perfect boat’ for each client.

We aspire to keep challenging ourselves to push the boundaries and to continue delivering our unique blend of high-powered performance and elegant comfort.